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About Xycorp, Inc.
The founders of Xycorp, Inc. have been designing and building micro-processor controlled industrial automation systems since 1979. And in 1990 they developed a simple motion control method for positioning mechanical devices in the classic Cartesian coordinate system.

The first application was for the purpose of moving a hot wire through EPS foam to create architectural elements for the construction industry. The company EPS Products was formed and hot wire machines were made to meet the growing demand for EPS at the local level. As the national and international use of EPS grew, Xycorp, Inc. was formed. The company began manufacturing hot wire machines, known as Xydroids, for sale to companies in other locales. EPS Products is now a division of Xycorp, Inc.

Along with the Xydroid cutting machines, Xycorp, Inc. has developed an extrusion process for coating EPS foam with a durable polymer modified cement product. This system uses a foam coating machine and a proprietary coating. The resulting product of this system has become very popular in the construction industry because of its beautiful finished appearance, its durability, and its low cost. For more information on this system see foamcoater.com and auto-coat.net
The Xydroid cutting machines are made of many different parts and assemblies cut from mild steel. By 1992 it made sense to build our own metal cutting machine to help automate the manufacturing. A version of the same simple motion system was used to build our plasma powered metal cutting machine.

Around 1998 when plasma power supplies became solid state and much more reliable, Xycorp, Inc. formed a new division, XCS Plasma, and began building and selling plasma cutting machines to other manufacturers in Southern California. From 1998 to 2002 Xycorp, Inc. developed proprietary software for simplifying the operation of the machines and they became superior to other machines in this market segment. XCS Plasma machines are now available worldwide with all sales and support managed in the Palm Springs, California plant. For More information please see xcsplasma.com

Of course, the real core of Xycorp, Inc. is its employees. We have engineers, designers, fabricators, machine operators, sales and support staff, and managers who are very well qualified for their duties and dedicated to meeting customer expectations. Please check references and read the testimonials.